Surgical Planning Laboratory
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts USA
a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School


Featured Image: Volumetric CT-based Segmentation of NSCLC using 3D Slicer

Segmentation uncertainty. Left: representative example showing differences in CT/PET manual delineations (top) and 3D-Slicer segmentations (bottom). Right: This variability is quantified with the uncertainty region, defined as the difference between the observers’ agreement and observers’ union (highlighted in green). The smaller the uncertainty region is, the lower the variability among multiple contours.

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The Surgical Planning Laboratory is a research laboratory in the Department of Radiology of Brigham and Women's Hospital. The Core Mission of the SPL is the extraction of medically relevant information from diagnostic imaging data and to concepts of computation and image analysis to new field of biomedical research. The lab collaborates with groups within Brigham and Women's Hospital, with other researchers at the Harvard Medical School, with local universities such as Harvard and MIT, and with clinicians, researchers, and engineers throughout the world.

Slicer 4.4 Released

  • An improved App Store, known as the Extension Manager, for adding plug-ins to Slicer.
  • More than 50 plug-ins and packages of plug-ins are currently available.
  • Close to 400 feature improvements and bug fixes have resulted in improved performance and stability.
  • Improvements to many modules.