Surgical Planning Laboratory
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts USA
a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School

knee abdomen head-n-neck brain 2012-SPL-Atlases

Featured Image: 4 New - Slicer4 compatible - SPL Anatomy Atlases Released.

Head and Neck
Multi-modality MRI-based Atlas of the Brain

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The Surgical Planning Laboratory is a research laboratory in the Department of Radiology of Brigham and Women's Hospital. The Core Mission of the SPL is the extraction of medically relevant information from diagnostic imaging data and to concepts of computation and image analysis to new field of biomedical research. The lab collaborates with groups within Brigham and Women's Hospital, with other researchers at the Harvard Medical School, with local universities such as Harvard and MIT, and with clinicians, researchers, and engineers throughout the world.

The 2014 Summer Project Week Event

The Project Week of hands-on research and development activity for applications in Neuroscience, Image-Guided Therapy and several additional areas of biomedical research that enable personalized medicine. This 19th Project Event will be held on June 23-27, 2014 in Cambridge, MA.