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BIRN Projects


Principal Investigator:
Steve Pieper, Ph. D.
Additional investigators:
Nicole Aucoin, M.Sc.
Jonathan Sacks, Ph.D.
Sanjay Manandhar, M.Sc.
Katie Hayes, B.Sc.


The BIRN activities are essentially large-scale engineering endeavors to enable application of computationally intensive image analysis to large clinical populations distributed over several institutions. Integration of these BIRN activities with the NAC is a natural extension of the collaborative infrastructure of the NAC, whereby a solid technical foundation of data management tools allows the individual research efforts to leverage the efforts of their partners. Similarly within the BIRN environment, algorithms and software developed as part of the NAC can be deployed to multiple institutions, and technology from other institutions can be made available to the NAC investigators. We expect that the BIRN-related efforts invested in database building and software interoperability will continue to have direct benefits to the NAC.

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Relevant Publications

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Additional Publications Related to NAC Research

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