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Application of Open Source Image Guided Therapy Software in MR-guided Therapies. A snap shot from In-bore laser ablation therapy of brain tumor showing the thermal image (in reddish color) overplayed on the T1-weighted MRI. The procedure uses shared tools of the thermal imaging, image transfer, image registration, and tracking and guidance using in-bore tracking system. Read more here


Comparison of fiber tracts derived from in-vivo DTI tractography with 3D histological neural tract tracer reconstruction on a macaque brain. Front, side and top views showing both the segmentation derived from histology (in blue) and the best results of the DTI tractography (fibers in brown) for the three settings tested: anisotropy influence, curvature influence and step size influence (from left to right) inside a surface rendering of the brain mask. Read more here


Evaluating White Matter Segmentation. This plot represents the overall inter similarity of brain white matter segmentation generated by eleven different automated algorithms (based on FSL, SPM, MINC tools, Slicer, kNN and Watershed) and three human experts. Read more here


New image restoration technique for ultrasound image data: This new technique takes into account a multiplicative model of the speckle noise in ultrasound images and based on a matrix anisotropic diffusion method designed to preserve and enhance small vessel structures. 3D ultrasound dataset of a liver (a) and result of our filter with 50 iterations (b). Read more here


High-Dimensional White Matter Atlas Generation: Automated clustering of white matter tracts derived from analysis of DTI images. The same analysis was applied to several data sets obtained from different subjects. The colors represent groups of tract that have similar start and end points. Read more here


Endoscopic Ultrasound: Block diagram of an endoscopic ultrasound based image guided therapy workstation. Research done by CIGL, an SPL spin-off. Read more here


Volumetric assessment of tumor infiltration: The combination of morphologic images and DTI based tracts allows the assessment of tumor invasion into white matter tracts. Read more here


Exploring the White Matter of the Brain: Diffusion Tensor Imaging using MRI, has opened a new "window" into the white matter of the brain. The data acquisitions result in complex images which require extensive post-processing. How to convert the data into medically meaningful information is the topic of one of our research thrusts. Read more here