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Featured Image: Fast Human Brain Magnetic Resonance Responses Associated with Epileptiform Spikes. Tight temporal correspondence between the EEG interictal spike (top), percent change in MR magnitude (middle) and MR phase change in radians (bottom). The largest MR phase change time course is plotted in red (bottom). Temporal derivative of this MR phase time course is plotted in green (top), and closely tracks EEG. M(a-h) and P(a-h) show MR magnitude and phase change at times (a-h) respectively. MR images were sampled rapidly with a repetition time of 47 ms. Read more here


Validation of a Non-Rigid Registration Framework that Accommodates Tissue Resection. Axial and coronal slice of the difference image of the synthetically generated dataset. Read more here


MRI signal intensity based B-Spline nonrigid registration for pre- and intraoperative imaging during prostate brachytherapy. In the checkerboard display between the preoperative image (before deformation) and intraoperative image, a black line indicates a contour of the total gland, whereas a white line indicates a contour of the central gland. a: The contours showed discrepancy at white arrows. b: In a checkerboard display between deformed preoperative and intraoperative images, the contours match closely after registration has been performed. A slight discrepancy remained at the posterior part of the prostate (black arrow). Read more here