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Featured Image: White Matter Bundle Registration and Population Analysis Based on Gaussian Processes. Tract density map for the fornix and inferio-longitudinal fasiculus. The density scales from blue (maximum density) to red (minimum density). Read more here


Featured Image: Impact of Nonrigid Motion Correction Technique on Pixel-wise Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Free-breathing Pulmonary Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging. Representative maps of Ktrans, ve and kep generated from the original and motion-corrected DCE-MRI from one patient. The χ2 maps and T1-weighted image are also shown. The contours of the reliable pixel areas are indicated by the black line on the χ2 maps. The χ2 map generated from the motion-corrected DCE-MRI shows a broadened acceptable pixel area covering the greater area of the SPN, when compared to the map from the original DCE-MRI. The Ktrans, ve and kep maps from the motion-corrected DCE-MRI show better reflections of the boundary of the nodule than those from the original DCE-MRI. Read more here