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Aditya Bharatha (June-August 2000, June-August 2001)

Aditya is a medical student at the University of Toronto. He completed three years of undergraduate cell and molecular biology at the University of Calgary before entering the MD program. He will be entering the third year in the Fall of 2001.

Aditya spent the summer of 2000 working with Dr. Clare Tempany and Dr. Simon Warfield on a project involving imaging and 3D reconstruction of the prostate as an aid for procedure planning. He also worked on other related projects at the SPL.

Aditya returned to the SPL in the summer of 2001. In work with Dr. Simon Warfield he completed an exciting project developing methods to understand the spatial distribution of brain structures in newborn infants.

He also lent his expertise in biomechanically-based nonrigid registration to developing real-time tracking of brain deformation during neurosurgery, in a joint project with Alida Tei and Dr. Simon Warfield. This work achieved intraoperative automated image analysis and tracking of brain deformation during three neurosurgery cases. The image analysis and image acquisition techniques have been in development for many years and this is the first time they have been applied during neurosurgery. The techniques are now ready for routine clinical implementation.

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