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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Aaron Carass (November 2009-March 2010)

  • 2000 BA Trinity College Dublin Mathematics
  • 2002 MA Johns Hopkins University Mathematics
  • Coming from Johns Hopkins University.

Working on

Integration of Skull Stripping software within the NAMIC Toolkit provided by the Slicer3 environment. Specific aims include integration of software which will segment and provide coordinate reference frames for the Cerebrum (a kin to the Talairach space), the Cerebellum (similar to K. Rehm's 2000 HBM abstract on the topic :'Use of Cerebellar Landmarks To Define a Coordinate System and an Isolation Strategy'), and for the Brainstem. This will be achieved through integration of the Java Imaging Software Toolkit (JIST) into the Slicer3 framework and then testing and evaluation of JIST components for completing the necessary components to provide this system.

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