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Arjan Welmers M.D. (November 2000-May 2001)

Arjan is an MD research fellow at the department of radiology, UMC St Radboud, Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Before this he finished his medical studies at the University of Nijmegen in March 1998. His final thesis was on "Laxity of the knee-joint after ACL reconstruction in a 3D computer model" at the department of biomechanics UMC Nijmegen. The final part of his medical studies he worked in the Amazon jungle at the border of Surinam and Brazil (see picture of me in a "koriaal" which is basically a hollow tree) in a small Indian village (Kwamalasamutu) where he worked in primary healthcare and did research on Malaria "In-vitro resistance of Plasmodium Falciparum for Quinine". After that he worked in the ER of a small hospital "Bernhoven Hospital Veghel" until October 2000. His research project in the SPL is 3D visualization of bladder tumors and lymph nodes.

During his stay in the SPL from November 2000 until May 2001 he mainly worked on segmentation of bladder tumors with the 3D-Slicer. He created models of the bladder which included color coding for thickness (Simon Warfield). He also segmented the lymph nodes and vesels. All this together created a 3D model of the relevent structures used for radical cystectohis and staging of bladder tumors. In October 2001 he plans to return to the SPL to continue the research project.

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