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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Peter Bogner M.D., Ph.D. (November 1997-April 1998)

Peter is a visiting fellow at the Surgical Planning Laboratory of Brigham and Women's Hospital.

His current research at SPL focuses on diffusion and perfusion imaging, and the study of diffusion in biological tissues.

He completed his M.D. at the Medical School of Pecs (Hungary) in 1987. In 1989 he was a visiting fellow at the Department of Biochemistry at Medical School of Ohio, Toledo. In 1990-1991 he was a Fogarty-fellow at the Laboratory of Biological Chemistry, National Cancer Institute, NIH. Since 1991 Dr. Bogner has been working in the Diagnostic Center, Kaposvar, Hungary as a radiologist. Since 1992 he is also a research instructor in the Department of Clinical Chemistry, Medical School of Pecs, Hungary. He finished his Ph.D. in cell physiology in 1996 at the Medical School of Pecs, Hungary.

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