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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Daniel T. Boll M.D. (January-June 1999)

Even though the picture might lead you in the wrong direction, I actually was forced to put it on this page, I did not see the inside of medical school as an exhibit, but finished it in Essen, Germany and received my medical degree in 1998.

Since 1992 I am a research fellow at the Muelheim Radiology Institute, Germany, working under guidance of Prof. R. M. M. Seibel, MD in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imagig.

My fellowship in the Surgical Planning Laboratory started in January of 1999 with the main task of developing an anatomical spine atlas of prior aquired CT and MR images with special emphasis of neural structures and their spatial relationship to adjacent organs. This will be available on the internet as JAVA Applet as well as JAVA 3D Application.

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