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Carlos Alberola Ph.D. (July 22-31 2002)

Carlos has a PhD in computer engineering from the Politechnical University of Madrid, Spain. He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Valladolid, Spain, in the area of Signal Theory.

He is teaching an undergraduate course on probability theory, and a graduate course on image processing with applications to image analysis and image coding.

He is involved in several projects in the medical image field, in particular, using three dimensional ultrasound for automatically finding the contours of soft organ in order to estimate the volume enclosed within the organs. A short version of this work will be presented at MICCAI 02 in Tokyo this coming september. While in the SPL he will explore how to use tensors to find structure in ultrasound images. Carlos is also interested in fuzzy methods for decision making; one of his developments can be found at IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy, 10(3), June 2002, 360-374.

E-mail: caralb at

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