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Greg Clement Ph.D.(July 1998)-April 2013)

Greg Clement's research concentrates on the propagation of ultrasound for both the detection and treatment of cancerous and benign tumors. He received his BS (Ohio State 92), MS, and PhD (Rhode Island, 96, 99) degrees, all in physics. While a postdoctoral fellow at Brigham and Women's (1998-2000) he developed a method for noninvasive focusing of ultrasound through the human skull for treatment of brain tumors.

His present research interests include noninvasive transskull focusing of ultrasound in the brain for cancer treatment, shear-mode brain imaging, perfusion imaging, high-resolution (super-resolution) methods, ultrasound coded excitation, phase-contrast ultrasound imaging, and automated diagnosis of ischemia and perfusion.

Dr. Clement is the Technical Director of the Brigham Focused Ultrasound Laboratory, which participates in simulation, experimental and clinical studies of ultrasound for novel therapeutic or diagnostic use. He collaborates actively with industry, the Surgical Planning Lab, clinicians from Radiology, Neurology, and Boston Children's Radiology.

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