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Tim Dannenmann (March-October 1999)

I am a student of the University of Karlsruhe (TH). In cooperation with the Institute of Process Control and Robotics (IPR) I am doing my master thesis at the SPL. Within the next 6 months I will be engaged in "Deformable Model Visualization".

Master Thesis/Diplomarbeit: A Volumetric Optical Flow Method for Measurement of Brain Deformations from intra-operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The evolution of image-guided neurosurgery brings up intraoperative brain shift as a problematic issue, since discrepancies between the preoperative images and the shifted brain reduces the accuracy of neuronavigation. Therefore, the preoperative images should be updated during surgery with the help of an intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner.

I will modify Horn's "Optical Flow" method to adapt biomechanic properties of the cerebrum by adding an elastic energy term as regularization term. Therefore, I will approximate partial differential equations by Euler equations and solve this problem iteratively (with Gauss-Seidel iterations). To verify the influence of the biomechanical coefficients in the elastic energy term I will perform longitudinal modulus of elasticity (Young mondulus) and shear modulus of elasticity.

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