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uJlien Dauguet Ph.D. (July 2005 -June 2006)

Julien is an engineer from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (2001), he made a master in Applied Mathematics from ENS Cachan (2001), and his PhD (2005) in Image Analysis in the SHFJ, CEA in Orsay, France from Ecole Centrale de Paris. His supervisor was N. Ayache from Epidaure, INRIA and his advisers were V. Frouin (CEA) and P. Hantraye (CEA, CNRS). His subjet was about the matching of in vivo and post mortem images. He will work with S. Warfield in the Computational Radiology Laboratory on a project about the cerebral development of human fetus with an animal model on primate. The main methodology points will deal with registration in order to achieve the matching of highly informative histological slices and the in vivo images, like MRI.

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