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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Fawad Taj M.D. (January 2009-March 2012)

I am medical graduate of Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. After obtaining my M.B.,B.S degree from the university I worked with the Neurology department of the Aga Khan University Hospital as a RA. As RA I worked on a few clinical trials and cross-sectional studies, primarily focused on stroke. Later I joined SW Cleveland Sleep Center in Cleveland, Ohio as a visiting research scholar. At the sleep center I have been involved in clinical trial protocol initiation as well as conducting some cross-sectional studies. Beginning next year I hope to join a residency training program in US.

At PNL/SPL I will be working as a visiting research scholar. I will be observing, interacting and learning from a rich variety of mentors available at PNL/SPL. My primary interest lies in fMRI studies and first episode schizophrenia study.

E-mail: fawadtaj at

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