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Andriy Fedorov Ph.D.

Andriy is a Research Fellow in Radiology, Surgical Planning Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital. He completed his PhD in Computer Science at College of William and Mary in Virginia under supervision of Prof.Nikos Chrisochoides in May 2009. In his dissertation Andriy Fedorov developed supporting technology for performing prospective studies of non-rigid registration of brain MRI during image-guided procedures. The related areas he studied included high performance computing, tetrahedral mesh generation, and registration accuracy assessment.

Currently, Andriy Fedorov is involved in a number of projects with the primary focus on prostate MRI processing for image-guided interventions and quantitative analysis. His past projects include ChangeTracker, an oncology research software tool within 3D Slicer to support detection of small changes in tumor volume, and segmentation of vervet monkey brain MRI as part of NAMIC NCBC Collaboration on measuring alcohol and stress interaction.

E-mail: fedorov at bwh dot harvard dot edu

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