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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Gueorgui Gueorguiev

Educational Background

  • Sofia University, Bulgaria; MS chemistry and physics program 1996-2002
  • Sofia University ; MS medical physics program 1999-2002
  • UMASS-Lowell ; MS Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology 2005-2007
  • UMASS -Lowell ; PhD Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology 2007 - present

Project Title

Treatment Planning for Focused Ultrasound Surgery

Project Summary

Focused ultrasound (FUS) surgery has been suggested as a noninvasive procedure for ablating tumors numerous organs. However, many organs contain their own obstacles for treatment, caused by the presence of bone, or fat layers near the organ. Such layers can cause refraction and reflection of the ultrasound, often leading to distortion of the focal location, reduction of beam intensity, or even complete destruction of the focus. The development of high power ultrasound phased arrays has allowed the possibility of correcting for these focal distortions. However, successful implementation of phased arrays for aberration correction requires precise treatment planning.

This research will develop a treatment planning method that will use MR images to precisely calculate the power and phase of each array element that is necessary to restore a focus. The central hypothesis is that precise focusing can be achieved with a three-step modeling approach.

  1. The method will use MRI to develop a 3-dimensional representation of relevant tissue layers, and input this information into ultrasound propagation models (being developed in parallel to the research) to rapidly determine the behavior of the ultrasound beam
  2. Next the models will be used to calculate how to adjust the phased array to correct for distortions as well as use the calculated ultrasound field in a temperature simulation model in order to
  3. estimate tissue temperatures in the tissue to eliminate pain and/or tissue damage at bone or gas interfaces beyond the focal spot.

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