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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Kathryn Hayes (July 2007-January 2011)

Katie is a Senior Software Engineer in the Surgical Planning Laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

She received her B.S. in Computer Science in 2001, and her M.S.E. in Computer Science in 2007, both from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. She was previously working at the ERC for Computer Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology at JHU, and as a student at MIT with Eric Grimson's Medical Vision group.

Katie is currently involved in release engineering, quality assurance, regression testing, and bug tracking for the Slicer software package, as well as the development of modules for data exchange between Slicer and clinical devices.

Her current research interests include adding support within Slicer for semi-automated creatiion of virtual fixture models for robotic skullbase drilling and simultaneous realtime visualization of the patient anatomy, robot position, and virtual fixture definitions in Slicer3.

E-mail: hayes at

Phone: 617-525-6221

Kathryn Hayes

Surgical Planning Laboratory

1249 Boylston St.

Room 266

Boston, MA 02215

Katie behind frozen Cornet Falls, Jud Wiebe Trail, Telluride, CO.
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