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Jeroen Stinstra Ph.D. (January-September 2007)

Jeroen received his PhD from Twente University, where he worked in the BioMagnetism on fetal MagnetoCardioGraphy and modeling electrical activity in the human body. After his PhD he move to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to work with Dr. MacLeod to work on models for estimating tissue properties of anisotropic tissues as well as cardiac computer modeling and analyzing experimentaal data. Current Jeroen is one of the technical managers for the Center of Integrative Biomedical Computing at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute.

Institution: Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah and CardioVascular Research and Training Institute, University of Utah

Goal: I am collaborator of CIBC center at the Scientific Computing Institute in Salt Lake City. I am working with Matt Jolley to create a model of defibrillation in infants. However our software is not working at the SPL machines, and hence I will help trying to get everything working.

E-mail: jeroen at

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