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Surgical Planning Laboratory

John Martin, Ph.D. (1990-1995)

My main research interest is the application of computer vision techniques to medical images. More specifically, I am interested in finding ways to improve surgical outcomes through the integration of medical imagery with surgical procedures.

I work at Visualization Technology, Inc., an image-guided surgery company. VTI currently makes equipment for endoscopic sinus surgery, and will soon be expanding into other surgical areas.

Before joining VTI, I worked on my Ph.D. dissertation, "Characterization of Neuropathological Shape Deformations", which was completed as part of the Radiological Sciences Program in the MIT Department of Nuclear Engineering. My thesis advisor was Sandy Pentland of the MIT Media Lab, and the majority of the research took place at the Surgical Planning Lab of Brigham & Women's Hospital. The basic idea behind this work is to decompose the original shape of an object into both physical and statistical modes of shape variation. To illustrate this approach, several of the physical modes of the brain are shown below.

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