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Felix Matthews M.D., M.B.A. (January 2006-June 2008)


Felix Matthews is a healthcare strategist and clinical researcher with over 12 years healthcare experience in clinical medicine, technology research, and healthcare consulting. Today, Felix advises national health systems and academic medical centers on corporate and competitive strategy and organizational transformation.


  • 2009 - Master in Business Administration (MBA) - Harvard Business School
  • 2001 - Pioneer Thesis in Medical Informatics - University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2000 - Medical Doctor (MD) - University of Zurich, Switzerland

Felix graduated from the Medical School of the University of Zurich, Switzerland in 2000. He was awarded his doctoral degree in 2001 for his thesis on improving clinical management and research in sleep medicine by deploying medical informatics. After graduation he engaged in residency in general surgery and trauma surgery, including emergency response and intensive care treatment at the University Hospital of Zurich. He concurrently engaged in research and led an interdisciplinary technology integration project for the Swiss Technology Innovation Agency. In this context, he fellowed at the Surgical Planning Lab in Boston between 2006-2008. Since obtaining his MBA from Harvard Business School with honors in 2009, Felix has transitioned to full-time healthcare/life-sciences consulting.


Felix' research has been focussed on technological innovation in medicine and surgery, including improving the peri-operative workflow in trauma surgery by introducing computer assisted technologies into clinical patient care. Felix was also the principal investigator of various projects and has participated in several clinical and pre-clinical studies in pneumology, cardiology and maxillo-facial surgery.

  • 2009 - Senior Investigator on 3D facial reconstruction on stereoscopic imaging
  • 2008 - Principal Investigator (PI) on surgical navigation in cranio-maxillofacial surgery
  • 2007 - PI on automated digital morphometrics
  • 2006 - PI on 3D surgical pre-operative planning in orthopedic trauma care
  • 2005 - PI on navigated fluoroscope positioning study
  • 2004 - PI on deployment of passive assistive pneumatic device for surgical reduction study
  • 2003 - Co-investigator on novel method for surgical axes control in fluoroscopic imaging
  • 2002 - Co-investigator endovascular Doppler flow measurement

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