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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Jeanette C. Meng Ph.D. (December 2002-January 2005)

Jeanette is a research fellow in the Surgical Planning Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

She received her Master's and PhD degrees in Vision Science (Experimental Psychology) from State University of New York, College of Optometry.

Her main research projects at SUNY are:

  1. Computer simulation of night driving conditions for elderly patient with cataract.
  2. 3D space perception in vitual environments.

Prior to joining SPL, Jeanette was a postdoc at MIT, Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Science, studing human percption of transparency, stereopsis, and their relation to visual segmentation.

At SPL, Jeanette will be working on projects that aim to improve the perceived realism and accuracy of 3D human anatomy.

E-mail: meng at

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