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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Nicole Aucoin (September 200-December 2016)

I am a Programmer/Analyst in the Surgical Planning Lab (SPL) at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

I went to school at York University in Toronto, for physics and computer science, specialising in virtual reality applications. Summer work/study jobs focussed on computer vision applications such as forest fire detection, and radiation monitoring. I worked at MacDonald Dettwiler Robotics on space vision research for the Canadarm and Canadarm2, on applications to increase ease of tracking and grappling tasks. I moved to Boston in 2000 to work for Nearlife doing interactive computer vision applications for exhibits such as Networld at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and a large scale touch screen for a trade show booth for Lilly. In 2001, I moved into medical imaging and robotics at BWH's radiology department, in the Surgical Planning Laboratory.

  • Projects that I am involved in at the SPL include
    • Slicer, as a C++/Tcl/tk developer and maintainer.
    • NA-MIC, developing Slicer 2 & 3.
    • BIRN, as an interoperability engineer, and data provenance coordinator.
  • Outside interests
    • Biking: I ride my bike to work every day, a round trip of about 10 miles. I've done a couple of 50 mile road rides and hope to graduate to increased distances.
    • Travel: I love road trips and plane trips, a holdover from my peripatetic childhood as a military dependent
    • Reading: mostly genre fiction and some non fiction
    • Rock climbing: an attempt to conquer my fear of heights
    • Skiing: I try to get out to the west coast at least once a year
    • Sewing: I design and make some of my own clothing

1249 Boylston St.
Suite 245
Boston, MA 02215
617-525-6216 / x 56216
E-mail: nicole at

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