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Peter Behringer (April-May 2015)

Peter is a research trainee from the University of Luebeck (Germany), where he is currently a graduate student of Medical Engineering Sciences.

He gained early experience in Magnetic Resonance Imaging during a 7 month internship with the research group Experimental Surgery and Regenerative Medicine at Charité Berlin, headed by Prof. Dr. med. Igor M. Sauer.

He graduated in 2013 (BS Medical Engineering Sciences) from the University of Luebeck. The program provides a mathematical foundation, comprehensive IT training, medical fundamentals, and a scientific and technical groundwork with a strong focus on physics. His bachelor's thesis, "Segmentation of intrahepatic vessels using vesselness functions," intensified his interest for medical image processing.

At the Surgical Planning Laboratory Peter is working with Dr. Andriy Fedorov on the development and the clinical translation of a module for deformable registration. This software will be used within 3D Slicer during Magnetic Resonance Guided Prostate Biopsy procedures.

Main research interests

3D Slicer, Image Guided Therapy, Clinical translation, Medical Image Segmentation, Magnetic Particle Imaging


  • Behringer PA, Mastmeyer A, Fortmeier D, Biermann C, Handels H. Segmentierung intrahepatischer Gefäße mit Vesselness-Verfahren. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2014; Informatik aktuell 2014; pp. 150-5.
  • Raschzok N, Muecke DA, Adonopoulou MK, Billecke N, Werner W, Kammer NN, Zielinski A, Behringer PA, Ringel F, Huang MD, Neuhaus P, Teichgräber U, Sauer IM. In vitro evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents for labeling human liver cells: implications for clinical translation. Mol Imaging Biol. 2011 Aug;13(4):613-22. PMID: 20737221.

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