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Peter Messmer M.D. (June 24-October 31 2005)

I am a medical doctor, trained at the Basel University Medical School, Switzerland. Today I am a consultant Surgeon working as vice chairman of the division of trauma surgery at the university hospital of Zuerich, Switzerland. I am active in the research field of computer assisted Surgery and technology integration. In our group we developed an own registration free navigation system, which we use since 1993 for minimally invasive surgery in pelvic and acetabular fracture treatment. We also established a Multifunctional Image Guided Therapy Suite (MIGTS) for elective computer assisted Surgery and polytrauma diagnosis and treatment (one stop shop).
In SPL I would like to experience what is done here and I would like to be involved in navigation projects and in the AMIGO project.

E-mail: pmessmer at

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