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Salil Soman (April 2001-December 2003)

Salil is a first year graduate student in the computer science department at MIT and a third year medical student at Robert wood Johnson Medical School - University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ- RWJMS). He is on leave from the MD program to do his graduate work at MIT after which he plans to return to medical school to continue his clinical training.

He received his BA from the Johns Hopkins University in 1997, completing majors in both Chemistry and Public Health.

He is interested in applications of medical imaging to guide minimally invasive procedures. In particular, the use of registration of different medical imaging modalities to create models that can be used as navigation systems for such procedures. He will be working on developing algorithms for registration of ultrasound to MR images for fixed tissues.

E-mail: soman at

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