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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Wolfgang Schramm (January-April 2009)

My educational background is mainly in Industrial Software Engineering. I received a BS & MS degree in Software Engineering from Vienna University of Technology. For my master thesis I worked at the Medical University of South Carolina in the field of finite element simulation of radio-frequency ablation.

I'm currently finishing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering with the topic "Patient Specific planning of RFA interventions".

My dissertation basically involves three main components:

  1. Acquisition, Segmentation and Registration of medical image data
  2. Converting the segmented organical and vascular structures in suitable finite element models
  3. Build a streamlined workflow for the clinician to be able to plan a patient specific RFA intervention and view the potential outcome. This will provide the possibility to optimize treatment before the actual RFA intervention.

During my stay at the SPL, I will observe various ablation procedures and work on an ablation workflow module for Slicer.

E-mail: wschramm at

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