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JHU-MNI-ss Atlas

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Center for Brain Imaging Science
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JHU 2010 May;
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Oishi K., Faria A.V., Mori S. JHU-MNI-ss Atlas. JHU 2010 May;
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We are pleased to make our white matter atlas available. The JHU-MNI-ss atlas, which is often called "Eve Atlas", is based on a single-subject data as described in Oishi et al, 2009. There are co-registered T1 (MPRAGE), T2, and DTI images as well as white matter parcellation map (WMPM). Once the image of interest is normalized to this atlas coordinate, the WMPM (which also includes gray matter structures) can be superimposed for anatomical definition (e.g. which structure is affected by a lesion or where exactly is the fMRI activation site) or automated segmentation. All images have 181x217x181 / 1x1x1 mm dimensions. See the Atlas Look-up Table here. For more information please follow this link.

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