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Surgical Planning Laboratory

Fan Zhang

Fan is a postdoctoral research associate at Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital. He received his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Sydney, Australia in September, 2016. For his PhD research, he worked on machine-learning-based biomedical image computing. He spent the last year of his PhD study as a visiting scholar at the Surgical Planning Laboratory (SPL) and the Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging (LMI) at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, focusing on diffusion MRI processing with advanced machine learning methodology. His current research interests are diffusion imaging of the brain and modeling of functional-structural relationships for neurosurgical planning and neurodevelopmental disorder analysis.

Surgical Planning Laboratory, Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School
1249 Boylston St., Level 2
Boston, MA 02215

E-mail: fzhang at

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