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Lawrence P. Panych Ph.D.

Dr. Panych is an Associate Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. He joined the research staff of the Brigham and Women's Hospital in 1993 after graduating from the Radiological Sciences Program in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at MIT. Since that time, has been active in the development of novel MRI methods and is the author of over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles. His major area of research has been in the development of real-time adaptive methods for dynamic MR. He has specialized in image encoding methods that use spatially selective RF encoding, sometimes also referred to as non-Fourier encoding. Dr. Panych, in collaboration with others, is investigating applications for these methods in interventional MRI, cardiac MRI, and in functional MRI.


Implementation of MURPS for 3D Multi-resolution Temperature Mapping in FUS Treatments
Improving Spatial Localization in Spectroscopic Imaging (NIH R21CA11092)
Combining RF Excitation, UNFOLD and Parallel Imaging

Contact Information

E-mail: panych at
Phone: 617.278.0615
Fax: 617.264.5275

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