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Sanjay Yengul

Sanjay earned a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay and a Master's from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, both in Mechanical engineering. He worked in industrial research and development for almost 15 years before returning to academia in order to pursue his doctoral studies. He is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University (BU) and a Research Fellow in Radiology at Brigham and Women's hospital (BWH). He is working with Bruno Madore at BWH and Paul Barbone at BU.

Sanjay's research interests broadly relate to the application of physics and acoustics principles in engineering and biomedical applications. He is currently working on ultrasound and MR-based elastography techniques and the related inverse problems. Applications include diagnosis of pathology and treatment monitoring in the liver, breast and a few other candidate organs. When he is not in the lab creating (shear) waves, he likes cycling and playing tennis.

E-mail: syengul at

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